Guest/Adjunct Faculties

Guest/Adjunet Faculty Details Month
Prof. (Dr.) Jose P. Verghese

Session Name : Maritime Disputes Resolution

November, 2019 Read more
Ruth P. Stevens

Session Name : Creating an Impeccable Personal Brand & how Lawyers can prepare to attract Clients

November, 2019 Read more
Prof. Tomer Broude

Session Name : International Regulation Of Trade And Investment

August, 2019 Read more
Dr. Adolfo Giuliani

Session Name : Law as Information – Looking for a New Paradigm for the Information Age

August, 2019 Read more
Prof. (Dr.) Krystian Antoni Complak

Session Name : European law

August, 2019 Read more
David Morriss

Session Name : International Regulatory Regime Governing the Transportation of Dangerous Cargo with special focus on Coal and Sulphur

November, 2019 Read more
Dr. Srinivas Burra

Session Name : Marine Biodiversity of areas beyond national Jurisdiction

February, 2020 Read more
Mr. Jagmeet Makkar

Session Name : Shipping Law- Embracing the Changing Dynamics

February, 2020 Read more
Mr. Punit Oza

Session Name : The role of Maritime Legal Professional

February, 2020 Read more
Prof. (Dr.) Sandeepa Bhat
Designation : Professor of Law and Director of Centre for Aviation and Space Laws at National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.

Session Name : International Regime Governing Carriage by Air

11.May.2020 Read more
Prof.(Dr) Prabhakar Singh
Designation : Founding Dean, DY Patil University School of Law

Session Name : The Private Life of Transnational Law

Ms. Sindhura Natesha Polepali

Session Name : Career Prospects for Maritime Law Graduates in India and Abroad

July, 2020 Read more
Mr. Sukumar Tirthani
Designation : Shipping and Maritime Lawyer

Session Name : Career Prospects for Maritime Law Graduates in India and Abroad

July, 2020 Read more
Cdr. Madhvendra Singh
Designation : Commander, Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators,
Member London Maritime Arbitration Association

Session Name : Certificate Course “” Introduction to Maritime Arbitration

Dr. Stellina Jolly
Designation : Assistant Professor, South Asian University

Session Name : Conservation and Sustainable use of Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

22.Dec.2020 Read more
Ms. Cheryl Rita Kaur
Designation : Head and fellow of Centre for Coastal and Marine
Environment, Maritime Institute of Malaysia.

Session Name : The Legal and Management Role of Marine Spatial Planning in Ocean Governance

30.Dec.2020 Read more
Ms. Garima Srivastava
Designation : Principal Associate,
Lakshmirankumaran and Sridharan
Attorneys New Delhi, India `

Session Name : International Trade Dispute Settlement Mechanisms Under The WTO

02.Jan.2021 Read more
Mr.Jordi Sandalinas
Designation : Founder, Image Sea Soluation and
Attorney at Law,
Sandalinas Advocate

Session Name : Satellite remote sensing as a law and policy tool to protect the marine environment-A perspective from International Space Law

19.Jan.2021 Read more
Ms. S. Priya
Designation : Joint Secretary Indian Maritime Law Association, and Advocate,
Venkis Chambers, Mumbai

Session Name : The Merchant Shipping Bill 2020: An Overview

22. Jan .2021 Read more
Prof. Ronan Long
Designation : Director, Global Ocean Institute, Chair of Ocean Governance and Law of the Sea, World Maritime University, Sweden

Session Name :

Mr. Muthu Jagannath
Designation : Director,
NAU Pte Ltd,

Session Name : The Role of P and I/ Claims Correspondent in Shipping

06.Sepetemebr 2021 Read more
Dr. Arun Kasi
Designation : Maritime Lawyer and Arbitrator, Arun Kasi and Co., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Session Name : Prevention of Polluation from Commercial Vessels

09.September.2021 Read more
Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan
Designation : AVSM and BAR, VSM IN (RETD)
Director-General National Maritime Foundation

Session Name : July.2020

July.2020 Read more
Mr. Sunil Murlidhar Shastri

Session Name : Safer Shipping, Cleaner Seas – Role of International Organisations

July, 2020 Read more
Cap. Sarabjeet S. Parmar
Designation : Executive Director
National Maritime Foundation

Session Name : July.2020

July.2020 Read more
Commander Anand Kumar
Designation : Deputy Director,
National Maritime Foundation

Session Name : Aug.2020

Mr. Ranjit J Pandya
Designation : Former Vice Presidemt (Corporate HR) in Adani Group, Ahmedabad

Session Name :

Commodore Odakkal Johanson
Designation : PhD, Navy Veteran and John Maxwell Team Certified (Speaker-Teacher-Trainer-Coach)
Growth Soluation-Knowledge Influence-Life Navigation

Session Name :

Mr. Anil Devil
Designation : CEO,
Indian National Snipowers
Association, Mumbai

Session Name : Run up to Union Budget 2022: Maritime India Perspective

22.Jan.2022 Read more
Ms. Manisha Thaker
Designation : Vice President at Trialliance Global Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Session Name :

Shri Rajesh Anand Menon
Designation : Maritime Expert and AVP Shiiping Desk, Invest India

Session Name :

Dr. Om Prakash Mehta
Designation : Director, Indian Enterprises Development Services, Ministry of MSME, Government of India

Session Name : MSMEs and Entrepreneurship in India

26.March.2022 Read more
Mr. BOB Ronai
Designation : ICC Member – Incoterms Drafting Group

Session Name :

Read more
Ms. Subathra Mylsamy
Designation : Partner at AK Mylsamy and Associates LLP

Session Name :

Read more
Prof. (Dr.) James J. Nedumpara
Designation : Professor and Head, Centre for Trade and Investment Law, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade; Executive Director at Centre for International Trade and Economic Laws (CITEL) Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) (On Leave)

Session Name :

Mr. Ashish Chandorkar
Designation : Counsellor-Permanent Mission of India to WTO

Session Name : Role of Trade and Innovation in Economic Development

19.April.2022 Read more
Ms. Mayeling Bilpodiwala
Designation : Chief Mentor and Co-Founder, The Catalystz

Session Name : Successful Careees for New Graduates

08.July.2021 Read more
Dr. Sameer Rohadia
Designation : Business Intelligence Specialist and IT Trainer, Hannover, Ger

Session Name :

Dr. Dire Tladi
Designation : Member, International Law Commission, Special Rapporteur on Peremptory Norms of General International Law, Professor of International Law Faculty of Law University of Pretoria

Session Name :

V.M. Syam Kumar
Designation : Maritime Lawyer, Kerala High Court

Session Name : Criminal Jurisdiction od Coastal State in Adjacent Waters

09.Jan.2021 Read more
Prof. (Dr.) KD Raju
Designation : Professor of Law, IIT Kharagpur

Session Name : TRIPS and PUBLIC HEALTH

22.Jan.2021 Read more
Mr. Siddharth Chakravarty
Designation : Independent Researcher and Marine Conservationist

Session Name : Illegal,Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing in International Waters

Prof. Proshantho K Mukherjee
Designation : Professor Emeritus,
World Maritime University

Session Name : Historical Evolution of Admiralty Jurisdiction

Prof. (Dr.) Patricia Galvao Teles
Designation : Member of the International law Commission
Professor of International Law
Autonomous University of Lisbon

Session Name : Sea Level Rise and Response of International Law

14.December.2021 Read more
Dr. S. Rama Rao
Designation : Former Director (Legal), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, Ex: Member Council, International Seabed Authority; Ex-Director, WIPO
Microsoft Chai Professor of Intellectual Property at GNLU

Session Name : Law of Maritime Boundary Delimitation and recent ICJs Judgment in Somalia v. Kenya

22.December.2021 Read more
Adv. Krishnaswamy
Designation : Partner, Vasudevan and Associates

Session Name : Ship Arrest and its Implications On Seafarers

26.March.2022 Read more
Adv. Pramod Nair
Designation : Advocate and Dispute Resolution Expert

Session Name : Third-Party Funding and Interim Measures in Maritime Arbitraion

29.January.2021 Read more
Mr. Pranav Mago
Designation : CEO andCo- Founder ELE Partner Pte LTD

Session Name : Third-Party Funding and Interim Measures in Maritime Arbitraion

29.January.2021 Read more
Dr. Krupa Mehta
Designation : Assistant Professor at S.K. Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies

Session Name :

Adv.Ashwin Shanker
Designation : Advocate and Arbitrator, The Chambers of George Rebello

Session Name : Role of Courts in Maritime Arbitration under Indian and English Law

28.March.2022 Read more
Mr. Hari Narayan
Designation : Partner at United Maritime Law Chambers, Kerala

Session Name : Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards

31.March.2022 Read more
Prof. Aakanksha Kumar
Designation : Associate professor, Assistant Director and Chair, Alternative Dispute Resolution Society, Jindal Global Law School

Session Name : Theory of International Commercial Arbitartion

20.April.2022 Read more
Ms. Sanjam Sahi Gupta
Designation : Director, Sitara Shipping Ltd.

Session Name : Celebratory Webinar on the First International Day for Woman in Maritime 2022

18.May.2022 Read more
Ms. Sonali Banerjee
Designation :
Senior Surveyor, Indian Register of Shipping

Session Name : Celebratory Webinar on the First International Day for Woman in Maritime 2022

Capt. Yashoverman Sharma
Designation : Director,
True North Competence Management

Session Name :

Prof. (Dr.) Jose P. Verghese
Designation : Arbitrator and Consultant; Legal Practitioner at Supreme Court and High Court of Delhi

Session Name : Arbitral Tribunal-Composition, Powers and Duties

26th May 2022 to 03.June.2022
Mr. Ashish Liladhar Agarwal
Designation : Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Seros Shipping and Logistics Group

Session Name : Future of Maritime Logistics in India

Adv. Paurami Sheth
Designation : The Admiralty ( Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims Act, 2017

Session Name : The Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Act,2017

26.May.2022 to 02.June .2022
Ms. Arshi Tirkey
Designation : Fellow Strategic Studies Program
Observer Research Foundation

Session Name : Imlpicatiopn of of recent PCA Award in Enrica Lexie Case

25.July.2020 Read more
Prof Dr. Brijmohan Dimri
Designation : Former Judge Advocate
Indian Navy

Session Name : Imlpicatiopn of of recent PCA Award in Enrica Lexie Case

25.July.2020 Read more
Mr. Chirag Bahri
Designation : Director of Regions,
International Seafarers Welfare and Assistant Network (ISWAN)

Session Name : Legal Issues and Challenges faced by the Seafarers in International Waters

23.July.2020 Read more
Mr. Mohan Peiris
Designation : Formar Chief Justice of Sri Lanka

Session Name : Recent Trends in International Trade Law

05.June.2020 Read more
Prof. Sr. Prabhas Ranjan
Designation : Vice Dean,
Jindal Global Law School

Session Name : Meaning of Investment under International Investment Law

5th April 2022 Read more
Mr. Rahul Singhal
Designation : Senior Claims Executive
Gard AS

Session Name : Role of Protection and Indemnity Club in Maritime Sector

22.April.2022 Read more
Dr. (Cdr) Arnab Das
Designation : Founder and Director, Maritime Research Centre under the Foundation for Underwater Domain Awarness

Session Name : Anthropogenic Noise its Impact on Marine Species

26th April 2022 Read more
Adv. Gursharan H Virk
Designation : Advocate at Gujarat High Court
and Supreme Court of India

Session Name : Arrest of Vessels and Maritime Arbitration

05.April 2022 Read more
Shardul J. Thacker
Shardul J. Thacker
Partner – Mulla & Mulla Craigie Blunt and Caroe
Read more