LL.M – Maritime Law

It is a little known fact that a ship can be operated from one country, flagged for operational reasons to another and then has crew from yet another nation. This makes the domain of maritime law more intricate, yet exciting to pursue as a professional.

Topics under the maritime law is extremely varied and challenging which covers a huge range of subjects like salvage, collision liabilities, carriage of passengers, marine pollution liabilities, freezing injunctions, ship arrest, towage contracts, the limitation of liabilities and maritime liens.

An LLM in Maritime Law program would be ideal for students and professionals aiming to specialist in the shipping and maritime domain.

This course would take a student through

The program would also expose students to various aspects of international maritime law and the key subjects would include:

Admiralty Law – where the scope includes acquisitions and transfer of interest in ships; ship mortgages; collisions; salvage; and marine pollution.

International Law of the Sea – which explores the legal framework of a range of activities

Marine Insurance Law – which explores circumstances in which risks to parties, cargo and ships involved in international trade can be covered

International Sales Law

Carriage of Goods by Sea – which would offer insights into maritime law and shipping contracts, charter party agreements, marine environment, marine insurance and a gamut of other topics of relevance which would make you stand out.

Target Audience

The program would interest anyone who has a passion for shipping and the diverse legalities that ships need to comply with not just limited nationally but on an international level.

The course is also aimed to attract those who are already working in the industry but strive to get on to a very exciting and challenging role.

LL.M - Maritime Law – unlimited career prospects

  • Tremendous scope to work for an established law firm which serves big clients
  • Increasing demand for maritime lawyers for trading companies, shipping companies and agencies, insurance companies etc.
  • Increasing business in India of the overseas shipping companies which demands dedicated professionals with knowledge of maritime law
  • Increasing work in the maritime space because of reasons like ship arrest, cargo claims and P and I related work which provides excellent opportunities
  • High rating of Indian lawyers in global maritime sector
  • Growing opportunities to work overseas with P & I clubs and shipping companies
  • A large number of Indian companies setting up overseas companies for chartering and shipping and this would provide great scope to service them or be employed with them

LL.M - Maritime Law – Broad Course Structure 

Semester - 1

Paper 1Research Methods and Legal Writing (Code: SML6101)

  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Research Design and Analysis
  • Legal Research
  • Office Management of law firms, Research and Legal
  • Data processing and Report writing

Paper 2Comparative Public law/System of Governance (Code: SML6102)

  • Scope of the Comparative Study of Public Law or Systems of Governance
  • Nature of the Constitution (Unitary and Federal Constitutions)
  • Principles of Public Law (Rule of Law and Doctrine of Separation of Powers)
  • Principles of Natural Justice
  • Federal Governance (Legislative, Administrative and Financial Relations between the Federal and the Provincial Governments)
  • Forms of Government
  • Judicial System (Role of Judiciary, Judicial Review, and Doctrine of State Action)
  • Liability of State and Administration under the Constitution
  • Civil, Political, and Socio-Economic Rights under the Constitution

Paper 3Law and Justice in a Globalizing World (Code: SML6103)

  • Introduction
  • Concept of Law & Legal System
  • Concept & Theories of Justice Sessions
  • Concept of Global Law & Justice
  • Law as an Argumentative Attitude
  • Issues from Discipline of Indian Constitution
  • International Issues, Organizational Codification, Unification & Harmonization

Paper 4International Law and Law of the Sea (Code: SML 6111)

  • Historical development of the Law of the Sea
  • Framework for understanding the Law of the Sea
  • Baselines under the Law of the Sea Convention
  • Marine Jurisdictional Zones under the Sovereignty of Coastal States
  • Marine Jurisdictional Zones under Sovereign Rights of Coastal State
  • The High Seas and the “Area”
  • The Continental Shelf
  • The International Framework for Fisheries
  • Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment under the Law of the Convention
  • Maritime Boundary Delimitation: The Legal and Geographical Principles
  • Maritime boundary disputes, the trouble with Islands
  • Settlement of disputes under the Law of the Sea Convention

Paper 5Law of Carriage of goods by Sea (Code: SML 6112)

  • Introduction to Bills of Lading
  • The Functions of the Bill of Lading
  • Presentation of Bills of Lading
  • Electronic Bills of Lading
  • Modulr-5 Switch Bills of Lading
  • Bills of Lading issues under Charterparties
  • Rules relating to Bill of Lading
  • Charterparty Agreements

Semester - 2

Paper 1The Law of Shipping Contracts (Code: SML 6213)

  • Principle of Towage
  • The Making of the Contract and Implied Terms
  • Standard Towage Conditions
  • Law of Salvage
  • Precondition of Salvage
  • International Salvage Convention Overview
  • Maritime Labour Contract
  • Contract of Shipbuilding

Paper 2Law of Marine Environment (Code: SML 6214)

  • Pollution in the marine environment
  • Principles for marine environmental policy making and legislation
  • International Organisations
  • The Preventive Conventions
  • Liability Conventions
  • Protection of Marine Diversity
  • Climate Change and the Marine Environment
  • Maritime Safety and Security

Paper 3Law of Marine Insurance (Code: SML 6215)

  • Introduction to Marine Insurance
  • Insurable Interest
  • Duty of Utmost Good Faith
  • Warranties
  • Causation of Marine Peril
  • Fraudulent Claims
  • Subrogation
  • Reinsurance

Paper 4Law of Maritime Dispute Resolution (Code:  SML 6216)

  • Nature and History of Admiralty Law
  • Admiralty Jurisdiction: Nature and Content
  • Collision Claims
  • Limitation Claims
  • Ship Mortgages
  • Maritime Arbitration
  • Arbitration Procedure

Paper 5Dissertation (Code: SML 6209)

Note: Syllabus is tentative and may be modified by subject Faculty.

Student Exchange programme at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands

A portion of the syllabus in second semester will be taught at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands. GMU shall organize a 2 weeks international study tour for students desirous of getting international exposure while pursuing the Masters’ programme. This is one of a kind offering in India, especially in the Maritime sector where students get an international experience of academics as well as industry combined. Erasmus University is amongst the top rated Universities offering Maritime related courses. We are proud to announce that.


Sr. No. Particulars Fee
1 Tuition Fee (Per annum) *For, General & Category Rs. 80,000.00
2 Admission Fee (One Time) * Rs. 2000.00
3 Infrastructural Maintenance Fee (per annum) * Rs. 28,000.00
4 Examination Fee (per annum) * Rs. 6000.00
5 Extra-Curricular (per annum) * Rs. 3000.00
6 Academic Facility Fee (per annum) * Rs. 18,000.00
7 Refundable Security deposit (Library, Hostel, Mess) Rs. 10,000.00
  Annual Fee Rs. 1,47,000/-

* Note
Hall of Residence, Canteen and Related Fee:
This will be collected as and when physical classes will resume on campus.
Hostel Fee- Rs. 11,000/- per semester
Mess Fee- Rs. 3500/- per month