Composition of IQAC

Sr No Name Designation Category
1 Prof. Dr. S. Shanthakumar Provost & Director (I/C) GMU, Director GNLU Chairperson/Head of the Institution
2 Dr. Waseem Bhat, Assistant Professor, SMLPA, GMU Faculty and Nominee from Employer – Member
3 Mr. Mohit Gupta, Assistant Professor, SMLPA, GMU Faculty – Member
4 Dr. Dharmesh Raval Assistant Professor, SMM, GMU Faculty – Member
5 Dr. Chirag Patel Assistant Professor, SMM, GMU Faculty – Member
6 Mr. Sharad Sarangadharan Executive Director – Planning & Marketing Member from  Management
7 Mr. Sagar Vyas Deputy Director – Marketing & Strategy Member from  Management
8 Mr. Jalpesh Karangia Deputy Director – Planning & Operations Member from  Management
9 Dr. Jagadeesh Chandra T. G. Registrar, Gujarat National Law University Senior administrative officers
10 Mr. Malav Buch, Section Officer, GNLU Administrative officers
11 Mr. Yogesh Nai, Sarpanch, Koba Village Nominee from Local Society – Member
12 Mr. Manthan Desai Teaching and Research Assistant, GMU Nominee from Alumni – Member
13 Mr. Saurabh Manojkumar Rai MBA GMU Student Nominee from Students – Member
14 Col J.R Sharma Nominee form Industrial/Professional Member
15 Mr. Gursharan Singh Virk Advocate, High Court of Gujarat Nominee form Industry Recruiter
16 Dr. Abhay Singh Assistant Professor, SMLPA, GMU Coordinator of the IQAC