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LLM in Maritime Law:

Explore a sea of career opportunities

The sea is vital to human existence – for commerce, navigation routes, and as a source of natural resources. More than 90% of the global trade is carried by sea. It remains the most cost-efficient method for transporting raw materials, intermediates and finished products around the world. We are not often aware of the fact that sea and seafaring has had an important influence on mankind and the culture. The opportunities arising out of it is not just limited to working in the sea but an equal number of job opportunities are available on the shore, if not more. Maritime Law is such a lucrative sphere within the ambit of maritime sector. While the generic Civil / Criminal Law are developed to maintain a civil society and resolve disputes between members of a single nation, maritime law is developed to promote just and speedy resolution of disputes among persons or organizations from possibly different countries involved in Maritime Trade, Commerce as well as the events that has occurrence at sea. These matters may also involve international regulations and policies. Very limited opportunities for skill development are available in the country for those who are keen to pursue a career in these subjects.

Listed below are few of the opportunities that one could explore in this sector:

Shipping and Trading Industries
Maritime charters
Freight Forwarders / Customs House Agents (CHAs)
Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
Management Consultancy Firms specifically engaged in Maritime Consultancy
Shipping organizations
Professional Marine Underwriting Companies
Port Authorities and Other Associations
Salvage organizations
Ship Management Companies
Indian Naval Services
Shipping Brokers
Process Outsourcing Firms
Legal Firms practicing in Admiralty Law
P & I Clubs

The subject also requires an understanding of the complex network of contracts involving ship owners and operators, cargo owners, banks and insurers. And it is also a matter of fact that the potential exploitation of marine resources is a constant cause of dispute between States. LLM in Maritime Law would offer a detailed investigation of issues that arise within the maritime law and would develop the expertise necessary to become a specialist in this vital area where there is shortage of professionals.

Maritime Law is a very specialized and fast developing area of law. Legal expertise in the issues surrounding the law in these areas is always in demand. However, the opportunities have remained untapped till now. The LLM in Maritime Law offered by Gujarat Maritime University would provide students detailed understanding of the subject which would open up plenty of career options nationally and internationally.

Watch this space for more updates on the subjects that Gujarat Maritime University plans to offer.

Mukesh Kumar, IAS
Ex. Provost