India and Denmark share many similarities. Both are strong democracies with a market economy and important players in global trade. A special bond stems from the blue bridge “the maritime industry”. For thousands of years we have been ploughing the seas for trade. Gujarat has a unique place in Indian Maritime History. Today Danish vessels – often with Indian crews – are calling upon ports in Gujarat and thereby adding to the world economy and MakeinIndia.

Denmark is the world’s 5. Largest Shipping Nation. Danish flagged vessels are ploughing all the planet’s important seas and straits. Danish shipping is an important and growing part of the global supply chains. Being traders by heart for centuries we have adapted rapidly to the ever-changing conditions for global trade. The vessels are the vital tools, but what we call the blue industry – the maritime industry – is just as important. It is about the ports and terminals, the hinterland and the human resources. The crews on-board, many of Indian origin, are securing the day-to-day operations. The planning and execution of logistics are equally so vital. Copenhagen Business School launched years back the Blue MBA which has received a world-class reputation in the maritime industry. The MBA in Shipping and Logistics is catering for high-potential shipping and logistic executives.

I am pleased that Copenhagen Business School and the internationally renowned Gujarat Maritime University have signed a MoU to strengthen the exchange and collaboration. This MoU will benefit the global maritime industry and secure that world-class graduates will be ready to join the Global Shipping and Logistic Industry. The Corona pandemic destroyed the traditional patterns for global trade and supply chains. The need for new graduates and high-potential experts are adamant and a pre-condition for the revival of the global trade.

Let me congratulate Gujarat Maritime University and Copenhagen Business School. A New Era is born.

Freddy Svane

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark