School of Maritime Management

About Us

The School of Maritime Management has been established to address the growing need of management professionals in the Maritime Sector. The maritime sector faces a number of modern challenges like Decarbonization, Global economic crisis, Climate Change, cyber-attacks and lack of automation. Addressing these issues requires a new age skillset the lack of which presents itself as a skill gap in the maritime sector.

Driven by this need to lower the “High Skill Gap” on the commercial side of the Maritime Sector and the need of continuous up-skilling in the industry, the School of Maritime Management has been launched from 2020 with the following courses:

  • MBA - Shipping & Logistics
  • MBA-Ports and Transportation
  • MBA-Shipping Trade & Finance
  • MBA-Maritime Human Resource Management
  • MBA-Marine Tourism
  • BBA in Maritime Management
  • Ph.D.
  • PGPX in Maritime Management