Centre for Maritime Environmental Law


The world today is no more separated by walls and boundaries; rather it has turned into a global village where act of one creates implications for all. There has been an increasing interdependence amongst states which has led to growth and facilitation of international development. International waters have made a significant contribution for global advancement as 90% of International trade is carried via maritime sector. Furthermore there is heavy reliance on marine resources for fulfillment of global demand for food, oil and minerals. However this advancement is not without consequences. The excessive use of oceans have caused grave damage to the environment and has affected millions click here of lives in the process. Keeping in mind the damage caused the Maritime Environment Law is absolutely vital as it governs use of oceans without damage to marine environment.

The growth of this branch of law has been steady and consistent and it has grown tremendously through all these years. But the most important development in the history of International Environment Law has occurred after the establishment of International Maritime Organization. Although Environmental protection was not its original mandate the organization has made major contribution with the establishment of OILPOL and later the MARPOL Conventions which provides protection to major areas with potential of facing environmental threat.

Since then, this branch of law has grown to become a full-fledged academic and research area with new concepts sprouting often.

Vision of the Center

The Centre carries an outlook to foster active research on the contemporary issues of the ever-growing legal field and to promote capacity building. The Centre aspires to become a Centre of excellence for research, advocacy and capacity building in the field of Maritime Environmental law and to be recognized locally and globally.

Scope and Functions of the Centre

The Centre aspires to provide contribution in the field of Maritime Environment Law at local and global level by.

  • Organizing International training events such as Certificate Courses on Maritime Environment law which will include short term courses and diploma course.
  • Creating a platform for deliberation on the field by organizing Seminar, Conferences, Webinars and other similar events.
  • Creating a platform of creation of knowledge with initiating a research journal, edited book and inviting quality article for publication. And by lunching own book with the research conducted at the Centre.
  • Forming collaborations with National and international institutions and specialized experts of high repute and significant contribution in the field.
  • Executing outreach programme to spread awareness about the field

Head of Centre

Designation Name Profile
Patron in Chief Shri Rajkumar Beniwal, IAS
Vice Chairman & CEO, Gujarat Maritime Board

Patron Prof. Dr. S. Shanthakumar
Provost & Director (I/C), School of Maritime Law Policy & Administration
Gujarat Maritime University
Head of the Centre Dr. Abhay Singh
Assistant Professor of Law, School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration
Gujarat Maritime University
Centre Member Dr. Waseem Ahmed Bhat
Assistant Professor of Law, School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration Gujarat Maritime University
Dr. Mohit Gupta
Assistant Professor of Law, School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration
Gujarat Maritime University
Mr. Manthan G. Desai
B.B.A, LL.B, LL.M, Teaching and Research Assistant, School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration,
Gujarat Maritime University