Which Programmes are offered?

The Gujarat Maritime University under School of Maritime Law Policy and Administration will be offering two programmes from this Academic Year i.e July 2019

a. LL.M in Maritime Law
b. Post Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law
c. LL.M in International Trade Law
d. Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade Law

What is the duration of LLM Programmes

Both the programmes – LLM- Maritime Law and LLM-International Trade Law will be of 1 Year Duration

What is the eligibility criteria and admission process for the 2 offered programmes?

I. Eligibility criteria for

Both the programmes – LL.M-Maritime Law and LL.M-International Trade Law will have a mixed batch of LL.M and Post Graduate Diploma seats.

A. Admissions to LL.M

Eligibility criteria:

  • An LL.B graduate from a recognized University with minimum 50% marks in graduation is eligible to apply for the LL.M (General)

Admission process:

  • Score of the admission test (CLAT)

Course duration:

  • One year full time residential course

B. Admissions to Post Graduate Diploma

Eligibility criteria:

  • Graduate degree from a recognized University

Admission process:

  • Application form scanning
  • Motivation Letter which should specify why their application should be considered and how will the course be useful to them in career advancement.

Course duration:

  • ONE YEAR, with flexible contact hours.
  • Mandatory attendance for the Bridge courses which will familiarize the students with the basic law terms.
  • The candidates will also be required to attend other mandatory classes decided by the concerned faculty.
  • Examinations will be conducted only at the University.

How many seats are there for LL.M Courses

GMU from academic session 2019-20 shall offer the LL.M programmes and Post Graduate Diploma programmes with Intake of 30 in each programme. In each specialization 15 seats shall be reserved for Post Graduate Diploma and 15 for LL.M programmes. The seat distribution for LL.M and Post Graduate Diploma may be changed based on the numbers of applicant for each programme in order to achieve the required batch strength of 30 per specialization.

Where do I need to apply for the admissions at GMU?

Online application can be made under admissions tab on the GMU website – http://gmu.edu.in/

When are the classes going to commence for the Academic Year 2019-20?

It is proposed that the Academic Calendar shall commence from July 29, 2019. A tentative outline of the calendar has been put on the website under Admissions tab.

What are the career opportunities in the field of Maritime Law and International Trade Law?

LL.M (Maritime Law) :

  • Tremendous scope to work for an established law firm which serves big clients
  • Increasing demand for maritime lawyers for trading companies, shipping companies and agencies, insurance companies etc.
  • Increasing business in India of the overseas shipping companies which demands dedicated professionals with knowledge of maritime law
  • Increasing work in the maritime space because of reasons like ship arrest, cargo claims and P and I related work which provides excellent opportunities
  • High rating of Indian lawyers in global maritime sector
  • Growing opportunities to work overseas with P & I clubs and shipping companies
  • A large number of Indian companies setting up overseas companies for chartering and shipping and this would provide great scope to service them or be employed with them

LL.M (International Trade Law) :

  • Work for large Indian trading houses as legal consoles
  • Work with industry that imports or exports raw material or finished goods
  • Work with reputed Indian law firms servicing the sector
  • Work with MNCs setting up sourcing or selling offices in India
  • Work globally with Indian trading companies abroad or with foreign companies dealing with India
  • Further specialize to WTO / IP sectors for better prospects

Will the degree be provided by GNLU or GMU?

In the first Academic Year 2019-20 GMU is offering 2 programmes under its School of Maritime Law, Policy and Administration – LLM-Maritime Law and LLM-International Trade Law. School of Maritime Law, Policy and Administration is affiliated to GMU hence these 2 programmes will be certified under GMU only.

How is GMU sourcing its faculty, as there is a scarcity of faculty in the field of Maritime Law in India?

The faculty shall be sourced through a mix of Academicians and Industry personnel. GMU is collaborating with many international Maritime Institutions which are considered to be the best in the world. Faculty of national and global repute shall be invited to teach specific modules of their expertise and a few modules shall be taken up by the renowned faculty of GNLU including the Prof (Dr.) S. Shantha Kumar

Any plans to launch distance learning or part time courses?

Not in the first year, but going forward for sure there will be more flexible options available for the people from the industry.

Is hostel/residential facility available?

facility will be available for students partially in Campus and partially Off Campus

What facilities are available in the campus?

All the amenities and facilities available within the GNLU campus may also be availed by students of GMU. Details of the facilities available within the campus are available on the website under campus tab of university website.

What is the fees of the programme?

Type of Fees Amount
One Time
Admission Fee ₹ 2000
General Security Deposit ₹ 10000
Total (One time) ₹ 12000
Tuition Fee for Indian National ₹ 70000
Tuition Fee for NRI & Foreign National 4000 USD
Infrastructure Maintenance Fee ₹ 16500
Examination Fee ₹ 6000
Academic facility Fee
(Library, Computer, Internet, Moot Court, Training, etc.)
₹ 12000
Hall of Residence, Mess and other related Fees (facility not provided during vacation period, rooms are provided on sharing basis) ₹ 60500
Extra-Curricular, Adventure, Sports and Gymnasium, Social and Cultural Activities, Welfare Fee ₹ 3000
Total {Including Mess Charges} ₹ 180000/-
Total (NRI & Foreign National) {including Mess Charges} ₹ 110000/-+ 4000 USD