Short Courses

Gujarat Maritime University has teamed up with Erasmus UPT and STC International from Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe, to develop and deliver educational services a series of short courses for an audience of professionals working in maritime and logistics companies. The participants for this series of courses are currently working in middle management positions or higher. The participants will obtain advanced knowledge and learn from international best practices in transport and logistics. The cooperation between Gujarat Maritime University, Erasmus UPT and STC International has the potential and ambition to grow towards a full knowledge partnership, in which partners enable crossovers of high end maritime and port logistics knowledge between Gujarat and Rotterdam, Maritime Capital of Europe.

About Erasmus UPT

Erasmus UPT is a center of expertise founded by Erasmus University Rotterdam. It is our mission to help actual and future leaders develop a deeper understanding of the economic, managerial and social evolutions in the domains of: city, port and airport, transport and mobility. We aim to provide a solid knowledge and fact base to help their decision making on critical issues. Our experts develop thought leadership by connecting high quality academic research with profound knowledge of the business. Urban, port and transport economy has a rich tradition at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 1988, experts at Erasmus UPT have been investing together with companies and governments in the skills and capacities of tomorrow’s policy makers and managers in port-cities and logistics companies around the world.


About STC International

STC International, member of STC Group, provides and transfers first class maritime and logistics knowledge to people, institutions and companies on a worldwide scale, increasing their level of education through courses, training, consultancy and applied sciences. By using the latest evidence-based techniques and methods within the entire STC Group, we provide sustainable and innovative education. We are active and deliver courses and conduct projects in a wide range of countries in the world. Contact:


Homebase Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe

Erasmus UPT and STC International have a home base in Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe. Rotterdam region’s maritime ecosystem includes one of the most complete and competitive maritime and offshore clusters in the world. The port of Rotterdam has world’s best port infrastructure and is Europe’s largest port, a true gateway and important logistics hub for global trade. The breadth and depth of maritime, port and logistics programmes makes Rotterdam one of the best cities for talents to start their careers. To foster innovation, Rotterdam has a number of startup incubators, accelerators, funds, fieldlabs and testing facilities.

Endorsed by Port of Rotterdam International

The cooperation is strongly endorsed by the Port of Rotterdam International, who have a strong partnership with Gujarat Maritime Board. The knowledge portfolio is extremely valuable for ports both in established and emerging countries. There is a considerable demand for partners who help develop ports, implement new standards and attract economic activities from all over the world. Port of Rotterdam provides ports with the best options for professional expansion, enabling access to a network of potential investors and clients, companies and other ports. At the same time this exchange of knowledge establishes new partnerships.

For more information, contact Maurice Jansen ( and Sander Wubbolts (