Centre for Maritime Economy


Major world trade is carried through oceans and waterways. Maritime Sector plays a vital role in the economic development of any maritime country. India comprises a significant size maritime sector with 12 major and 200+ non major ports situated alongside 7500 km long coastline and a vast network of navigable waterways. Maritime Sector in India comprises of Ports, Inland Waterways, Shipping, Logistics, Ship Building, Ship Repairing, Shipping Breaking, Marine Tourism, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Renewable Ocean Energy, Offshore hydrocarbons and Seabed Mineral, Marine Biotechnology, etc. Maritime Economy, which is also referred to as Blue Economy, includes all the economic aspects linked to sea and waterways.

Maritime Economy aspires to lead countries towards sustainable and inclusive growth and provide ample employment opportunities through maritime economic activities. It includes international shipping, coastal shipping, sustainable harnessing of ocean resources; developing appropriate port infrastructure; effective and optimum utilization of marine resources; marine aquaculture, deep sea/long line fishing and biotechnology; applying advanced technology in all the facets of maritime, etc. Given the potential to support and grow small and medium sized manufacturing businesses, the shipbuilding industry in India has a natural advantage by virtue of its lower cost of labor and availability of skills.

Vision of the Center

The Centre envisages to provide a platform for interaction, dialogue and collaboration among Educational/Research Institutions, Industry and Government. The Centre envisages to actively contribute to the maritime economy of the country by conducting breakthrough and application research and capacity building to help economy, businesses, governments and educational institutions.

Need of the Centre

The centre will support university’s endeavour to provide quality education by giving real life perspective to its MBA students. This centre will develop connections with leaders from trade, industry, academics and will provide backing to the curriculum and help students and faculty members get better understanding of challenges, issues and trends in economy and industry in real time. A university has to play a dual role in the society of helping its students get the effective education and also support governments and industry in their pursuits. This centre will play the role of Educational Institutions and Research Institution in the Triple Helix Model and perform its duties along with the other two players.

Providing effective management education will enable students to get better placements in companies of repute and with a higher package about which all MBA aspirants are striving. Improving Industry connect will also help University make better rapport with Industry players and leaders, thereby helping University’s initiative in the field of Executive Education and Training.

Scope of Function of Center

The Centre aspires to provide contribution in the field of Maritime Economy at local and global level by Promoting research and learning about the global Maritime Economy.

  • Organizing events for spreading awareness and arousing interest in Maritime Economy.
  • Promoting participation of Industry representatives, researchers and students through Workshops.
  • Creating a platform for deliberation by organizing Conferences.
  • Creating a platform of creation of knowledge and application oriented research.
  • Forming collaborations with national and international institutions and experts.
  • Connecting academia with industry by way of short-term projects, enhancing communication, cooperation and exchange of know-how.
  • Offering short term certifications in the broad domain of maritime trade, business and economy.

Centre Leaders

Designation Name Profile
Patron in Chief Smt. Avantika Singh, IAS
Vice Chairman & CEO, Gujarat Maritime Board

Patron Prof. Dr. S. Shanthakumar
Director – School of Maritime Management, Gujarat Maritime University
Head of the Centre Dr. Dharmesh S. Raval
Assistant Professor – School of Maritime Management, Gujarat Maritime University
Centre Member Dr. Chirag Patel
Assistant Professor – School of Maritime Management, Gujarat Maritime University
Ms. Mayuri Neve
Assistant Professor – School of Maritime Management, Gujarat Maritime University
Advisory Board Members
Selected senior industry practitioners, maritime experts, researchers and others will be invited on board.
Centre will invite volunteers from GMU and outside University as volunteers to contribute to the initiatives of Centre.


Email: cme@gmu.edu.in
Head, Centre for Maritime Economy,
Gujarat Maritime University,
At GNLU Campus,
Attalika Avenue Knowledge Corridor,
Koba, Gandhinagar
Gujarat – 382426