Our partnership with Gujarat Maritime University has been shaped since the early stages of its establishment. We share the same passion with Gujarat Maritime University: enhancing the capacity for people through knowledge, training and education in such a way that these people become productive and well-educated maritime professionals who take pride in serving the maritime community. What we see in many ports across the world is a focus on capital investments mainly for port hardware infrastructure. From our international experience, we have learned that in investing in human capital development – the software – is equally important to enhance productivity and foster sustainable innovation. So, we are committed to support Gujarat Maritime University’s vision and mission, starting with programmes for the School of Law and Executive Education.

Being the leading knowledge institutes for port and maritime research and education in Rotterdam – the maritime capital of Europe – we are equipped to become GMU’s primary knowledge partner.

Maurice Jansen

Course Coordinator & Lead partner for GMU
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus Centre for Urban, Ports and Transport Economics