When we talk about the port sector in India, the first name that comes to mind is Gujarat Maritime Board, which in the words of the Hon’ble Prime Minister is the Maritime Brand of India. Gujarat has been living and defending a rich maritime legacy and it is our effort to ensure that Gujarat remains a leader not just in port and port led development, but also in providing skilled professionals necessary for this sector to grow.

The Gujarat Maritime University is a step in this direction. We plan to start in the Academic Year 2019-2020 with two full time courses, one in Maritime Law and the second in International Trade Laws. Law in the context of maritime sector is a niche area as trade that takes place in the sea or things that occur at sea are very different from the everyday laws as these matters also involve international regulations and policies. Very limited opportunities for skill development are available in the country for those who are keen to pursue a career in these subjects. Hence, in the first phase, we are establishing a School of Maritime Law, Policy & Administration where these two full time programs will be taught. Going forward, it shall be our endeavor to establish Schools for Maritime Education and Maritime Technology, Centre of Executive Education and Continuing Education. You will find more details about these courses in this brochure.

I invite you to build a career in the maritime sector, opportunities of which have largely remained in the shadow as the sector in total has not been marketed. We will have eminent academics and industry stalwarts will help you navigate your career to greater heights.

Shri Mukesh Kumar, IAS

Provost, Gujarat Maritime University