Experts at GMU

Faculty Details Month
Prof. (Dr.) Krystian Antoni Complak

Session Name : European law

August, 2019 Read more
Dr. Adolfo Giuliani

Session Name : Law as Information – Looking for a New Paradigm for the Information Age

August, 2019 Read more
Prof. Tomer Broude

Session Name : International Regulation Of Trade And Investment

August, 2019 Read more
Ruth P. Stevens

Session Name : Creating an Impeccable Personal Brand & how Lawyers can prepare to attract Clients

November, 2019 Read more
Prof. (Dr.) Jose P. Verghese

Session Name : Maritime Disputes Resolution

November, 2019 Read more
David Morriss

Session Name : International Regulatory Regime Governing the Transportation of Dangerous Cargo with special focus on Coal and Sulphur

November, 2019 Read more
Mr. Mike Bajaj – Maritime Arbitrator

Session Name : Maritime Arbitration

December, 2019 Read more
Mr. Punit Oza

Session Name : The role of Maritime Legal Professional

February, 2020 Read more
Mr. Jagmeet Makkar

Session Name : Shipping Law- Embracing the Changing Dynamics

February, 2020 Read more
Dr. Srinivas Burra

Session Name : Marine Biodiversity of areas beyond national Jurisdiction

February, 2020 Read more
Mr. Hari Narayan

Session Name : Maritime Dispute Resolution & Marine Insurance

February, 2020 Read more
Prof.(Dr.) Sandeepa Bhat

Session Name : International Regime Governing Carriage by Air

May, 2020 Read more
Mohan Peiris

Session Name : Recent trends in International Trade Law

June, 2020 Read more
Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan

Session Name : General Overview of India’s Opportunities and Challenges in the Maritime Domain

June, 2020 Read more